Hi! I’m Matthew.

I design software to help people and teams work better together. I’m currently building new web tools for new web people at The.com.

Before The.com, I was the founding designer for QA Wolf. I helped take their existing CLI tool from 0–1, designing a web app & platform for QA Engineers to automate their end-to-end browser testing. I also designed the documentation website, marketing website, and helped develop the pricing structure that led to their first cohort of paying customers.

Prior to that, I designed tools to improve designer & developer collaboration at InVision, working across InVision Studio, Inspect, Inspect Motion, and GitHub & Jira integrations.

I got my start in product design at IBM, where I contributed to a variety of enterprise software releases across different organizations during my four-and-a-half-year tenure. During that time, I also had the unique opportunity to contract with Apple, where I focused on prototyping apps for the Apple at Work program.


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