Matthew Traul

Software product designer

I’m a software product designer specializing in developer tooling and design systems. I like asking questions, searching for answers, and learning how to building new things on the internet.


Senior Product Designer, Founding Designer


I joined two seed-stage startups as the founding designer—QA Wolf &—and did independent contracting with companies such as OpenTable, Handshake, and other larger startups. I’ve collected a few case studies of work that I’m proud of from these opportunities into Figma presentations that play as a prototype would in their Present mode. Tap those ‘right- and left-arrow’ keys and you should be good to go.


Senior Product Designer


How can we advance design and prototyping tools to help drive whole-team collaboration for software teams worldwide? My work at InVision involved rethinking the entire developer experience, conducting research sessions with the industry’s leading software teams, evolving our design system, and prototyping new products while improving existing features.


Product Designer, Front-End Engineer


IBM made a sizeable investment in design at the end of 2013 to rebuild the company’s products and services across the business. I joined during the first year of this transformation, and partnered with various organizations to define product strategy, facilitate workshops, research user needs, design enterprise software, and collaborate with engineers to continuously deliver outcomes.




I worked with the talented team at Apple to concept, design, and partner with engineering on both the “Built-in Apps” and “Custom Apps” for their Apple at Work program. We explored ways to extend the iOS ecosystem for people at work in a historically individual-use, consumer-first product company.

  • This work is confidential

Make Lab

Founder, Designer, Printmaker, Instructor


The Make Lab is a small maker space in IBM’s Austin design studio. In an increasingly digital workplace focused on outcomes and needle-moving, the practice of working with our hands is a nice reminder of play, commitment, and independence. We built the Make Lab with the goal of creating an open space where our co-workers could explore, iterate, recharge, and learn together.