Generalist drawn to systems & tools

More about me

I’m an experienced product designer, responsible for leading the design process on product teams, defining product direction, prioritizing cross-company efforts, and shaping new practices within design organizations.

As a design generalist, I use a breadth of skills to contribute to the entire product lifecycle — research, ideation, journey mapping, visual & interaction design, prototyping, measuring success, and product marketing.

I care about why we build things, and the effects of technology on society. It’s our job to consider the impact of every decision we make, and ensure that what’s built is ethical, inclusive, and accessible for anybody to use.

Building products and services is a team sport. It requires healthy collaboration, persistent communication, and diversity in people and ideas. I enjoy making tools that help teams be better teams and people be better people.

Work experience

Most recently, I was building new web tools for new web people at

Before, I was the founding designer for QA Wolf. I helped take their existing CLI tool from 0–1, designing a web app & platform for QA Engineers to automate their end-to-end browser testing. I also designed the documentation website, marketing website, and helped develop the pricing structure that led to their first cohort of paying customers.

Prior to that, I designed tools to improve designer & developer collaboration at InVision, working across InVision Studio, Inspect, Inspect Motion, and GitHub & Jira integrations.

I got my start in product design at IBM, where I contributed to a variety of enterprise software releases across different organizations during my four-and-a-half-year tenure. During that time, I also had the unique opportunity to contract with Apple, where I focused on prototyping apps for the Apple at work program.

In 2014, I co-founded the Make Lab with a co-worker & friend in Austin, TX.

Matthew Paul in Brooklyn, NY.
On a walk to the farmer’s market in the Fall.